Flops pile up for Aamir Khan; Lal Singh Chaddha faces ridicule

A still from the film Lal Singh Chaddha
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By S Jha

New Delhi, August 13: Aamir Khan after ruling the box office for decades faces rude shock. Lal Singh Chaddha is seen to be struggling at the box office, while critics raise serious questions on acting skills of Aamir Khan.

Reports suggested that the cinema halls woke up to their rude shocks to see empty chairs on the first day of the screening of Lal Singh Chaddha.

In the national capital region, cineplexes wore deserted looks on Saturday.

Adding to the woes of Aamir Khan were a strong number of the Army veterans who joined the social media outcry against the film, which is seen to be a crude adaptation of critically acclaimed Forrest Gump.

Tom Hanks starrer Forrest Gump wasn’t only commercially successful, but also critically acclaimed.

The film was set in the backdrop of the American war in Vietnam.

“Forest Gump was a great and critically acclaimed, while also commercially successful film. Lal Singh Chaddha by Aamir Khan is a crude adaptation of a classic” Amitabh Parashar, a national award winner for documentary and film critic, told The Raisina Hills.

He also stated that officially making a remake of a successful film is always risky, as contexts are different.

Parashar, who is also a veteran journalist, underlined that Forest Gump was set in the backdrop of the American Army recruiting people under duress due to the reversals in the Vietnam War by compromising on the yardsticks, which had never been a case with the Indian Army.

Tom Hanks in Forrest Gumps

Indeed, playing with the context and bid to commercially exploit the Kargil War by Aamir Khan seems to have backfired, as a number of Army veterans took to the social media platforms to come down heavily against the film.

A number of commentators on the social media platforms also sought to launch personal attacks on Aamir Khan, for his previous films which sought to ridicule Hindu religious figures.

A footage wherein Amitabh Bhachchan and others are seen saluting the national flag, while Aamir Khan not joining them in the act, also became the favourite with the people to fan the boycott Lal Singh Chaddha call.

Aamir Khan’s bid to cash in on the Independence Day fervor for patriotism with Kargil War as the backdrop has indeed bombed at the box office even while the recent Shershah Sidharth Malhotra had been a runaway success.

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