Finance Ministry circular for nominations to attend conference on ‘how to live 100 years; retain youth, health, beauty’ at own cost of Rs 22k each  

Letter addressed to an official in the Central government Ministry
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Speakers in the conference include one who claims to cure diabetes in 72-hour

By Manish Anand

New Delhi, August 1: A Ministry of Finance Circular has asked other ministries in the Central government to nominate officers on own cost of Rs 22,000 +GST each for a training programme on ‘Work Life Balance Through Holistic Health’, which is being organized by Navjeevan (consultancy and Services), a private entity that has former Rajya Sabha MP CP Thakur as its patron and the national organizational secretary of Vijnana Bharti, an RSS affiliate, Jayant Sahasrabudhe as mentor.

Navjeevan claims to have its office at S-1, 2nd floor, Green Park Extension in the national capital.

Over the last two weeks, the representatives of Navjeevan walked into offices of senior officials in various ministries by attaching the Circular to its brochure to demand registration of at least five nominees for the ‘National Ayush Conference-2022, which shows Union Minister of Ayush Sarbananda Sonowal in the role of ‘Leadership’ for the event to be held at the India International Centre on August 5-6.

One of the officials who was approached asked the representative of Navjeevan that he “had no power to sanction money out of the Ministry Budget for a private conference, which has no relations with the works done by his Ministry”.

The representative, he said, to browbeat him by taking names of top RSS leaders, while all the time showing “Navjeevan as an organization associated with the RSS”.

The brochure in its “Who can attend” mentions that “anyone who desires to live robustly until the last breath of 100+ years; who desires to solve the problems through spiritualized mind and heart; who desires to develop greater self-worth and self-confidence…”.

Navjeevan also offers “an early bird discount of 10 per cent”.

“How can a Ministry sanction expenditure out of its Budget, which has been approved by the Parliament for spelt out works in the document, on a training programme organized by a private entity for the personal well-being of the officials,” said a senior official of another Ministry, who was also approached by the representative to nominate participants for the conference.

List of speakers at the conference

The brochure lists “inspiring speakers and experts”, which include “Padma Bhushan Dr. Devendra Triguna, Dr Tanuja Manoj Nesari, Dr S C Manchanda, Dr H K Chopra, Dr Sanjay K Rai, Dr Jitendra Nagpal, Dr Biswaroop Roy Choudhary and Dr Neeta Kumar”.

The brochure describes Choudhary as one who “offers a cure for diabetes in 72 hours”.

The aim of the conference prominently lists “how to live 100 years and retain youth, health and beauty”.

The Ministry of Finance Circular “issued with the approval of the Comptenet Authority” was signed by Vipen Kumar, senior accounts officer (HR-1) on July 18.

With the Circular as the Cover Letter, Deepak Kumar, secretary of the National Ayush Conference, has shot off letters to officials in different ministries stating “as per our communication with CGA office (Controller General of Accounts), each ministry and attached departments are to send minimum 5 nominations for this two-day conference”.

He further added in the letter “this is a rare opportunity for understanding complete care of all diseases and attaining complete wellbeing without modern medications”.

Circular of Finance ministry

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