Dhabari Quruvi: Tale of rise of tribal phoenix from ashes

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New Delhi, November 11: Dhabari Quruvi is a film with star cast from the tribal community. It will be screened at the 53rd International Film Festival in Goa. This is stated to be the first film with such unique star cast.

“She rises from the ashes, to fearlessly proclaim the exclusive right she has on her body and the decisions involving it. Yes, you would not want to miss the chance to be inspired, by the elevating story of girls belonging to a tribal community in Kerala,” said a PIB Mumbai Unit release.

Directed by National Award-winning filmmaker Priyanandan, the film also has the distinction of having been shot completely in the tribal language of Irula. The film is being presented at the 53rd edition of the International Film Festival of India, which is set to open in Goa on November 20. The 104-minute-long feature film is all set to have its world premiere in the Indian Panorama section of IFFI.

“Portrayal of indigenous people in Indian cinema has often been criticised for its failure to look beyond stereotypes. Amidst a cinematic tradition and culture which may not have done justice to the true identity and culture of tribal peoples, Dhabari Quruvi is expected to stand out as a candle spreading founts of newfound hope and inspiration. Set against the background of tribal rituals and culture, the film invites viewers to join the tempestuous journey of a tribal girl as she battles convention and seeks to free herself from the chains with which society had tied her lot,” added the PIB feature.

In Irula language, Dhabari Quruvi means ‘a sparrow with an unknown father’. The mythological bird, which is part of the tribal folklore, captures the untold tales of the unseen people who suffer quietly, who yearn to break the shackles of injustice, whose agonies and struggles the film seeks to bring to light, added the PIB Feature on the film.

The actors who bestow the film with the honour of having a unique star cast consist of around 60 people, belonging to Irula, Muduka, Kurumba and Vaduka tribal communities of Attappadi, a scheduled tribe hamlet of Kerala. Quite a few of them had not ever seen a film in their entire life.

“The actors were selected from an acting workshop conducted at Attappadi in which around 150 people participated. Meenakshi, Shyamini, Anuprasobhini and Muruki play main roles in the film. The cast also includes Nanjiyamma, the tribal woman from Attappady who got the 68th National Film Award for Best Female Singer last year,” added the PIB Feature.

Dhabari Quruvi has bagged URF world record for being the only feature film starring only tribals. The film has also been selected to the International Film Festival of Kerala.

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  1. Great coverage on Dhabari Quruvi and an example of extraordinary rise from ashes. First film of its kind to have all artists from Tribal background.
    – This kind of movies from different sections of the society ( mostly unprivelaged) raise ray of hopes for many and should be supported.

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