Covid avalanche in China sends global shockwave; emergency meeting in India

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By Manish Anand

New Delhi, December 20: Videos emanating from China, revealing havoc caused by the avalanche of the outbreak of the Covid-19, has sent global shockwaves. India has called an emergency meeting on Wednesday, which will be presided over by the Union Minister for Health and Family Welfare Mansukh Mandaviya to take stock of the pandemic situations in the country.

Internet is now full of videos purportedly showing morgues in China running out of capacities for the bodies. Crematoriums are reportedly full and waiting time is exceeding two days and more. The Chinese citizens are posting videos to complain lack of fever medicines. Also, the hospitals are allegedly refusing patients, as they have apparently run out of the capacity.

China is also reporting lack of oxygen cylinders. Hospital capacity is overstretched. The videos coming out of China now remind the situations globally during the second wave of the pandemic. India had also faced hardships with hospitals running out of oxygen, and critical medicines were black marketed.

The government has called for genome sequencing of the Covid-19 cases in India to check for the variants. Experts of late had been warning of a new variant of delta and omicron pedigree being in the circulation. But the situation in China is alarming also for the fact that Beijing is an opaque administration, which keeps the world in the dark about the pandemic situation. India has also taken note of sudden spurt in the Covid cases in Brazil, Japan and South Korea.

Experts in India have begun calling for India to not open the flight connectivity with China. A number of airlines are slated to resume their flight operations to China by early next year. Some of the experts in China are claiming that the Communist country is reporting daily cases in excess of 45 million. But the Chinese communist regime remains in denial, and it doesn’t even admit of the people dying of the Covid-19 despite the videos of the bodies piling up in the hospital morgues doing the rounds on the internet.

The Chinese Covid-19 avalanche has come despite the long ‘Zero Covid Policy’ of President Xi Jinping in which the PPE personnel had been marching into the homes of the people for an intrusive swab tests, while also hounding the commuters in public space for not wearing masks properly. Besides, the administration sent people found infected with virus to undisclosed locations on islands. China has also been slammed for not vaccinating the population adequately, while Xi’s vaccine nationalism seems to have backfired, with questionable efficacy of the jabs having been flagged in the past.

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  1. Detailed coverage on Covid 19 uncontrooled spread in China, current situation there.
    It’s really alarming for us and wait for guidelines from Govt of India.
    – Hope, situation improves for China soon

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