Columbia varsity calls in police to ‘free’ Hamilton Hall

Hamilton Hall, Columbia University

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NYPD storms Columbia University to end Gaza protests

By Our Special Correspondent

New Delhi, May 1: The authorities in Columbia University in the US called in the police to evict Gaza protestors. Reports said that hundreds of the New York Police Department (NYPD) personnel trooped into the varsity campus on Tuesday evening (US time).

The Gaza protestors had been holding protests at the Hamilton Hall. They claimed to have made the hall into a free zone.

Protestors named the hall as ‘Hind Hall’ after Hind Rajab. The six-year-old Palestinian had died in Gaza in February. Students and faculty members of the US’ varsities have been holding out at campsite protests against the killings in Gaza.

Protestors demanded that the Columbia University provide them with food and water as essential humanitarian assistance. There are videos doing the rounds that the gated campsite is being visited by the people from the outside to supply food packets and water bottles.

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The Middle East-based media outlets are claiming that the Gaza protests in the US varsities are the biggest since the Vietnam War. Qatar-based Al Jazeera said in a report that the police action to evict the protestors is a repeat after the 1968 protests at the Hamilton Hall against the Vietnam War.

The Arabian media has been quoting the Gaza Health Ministry claims of over 33000 people dying in the strip since the Israeli military actions in the wake of the October attacks by Hamas.

Reports claimed that the police barricaded the Hamilton Hall. The police are using ladders and other means to reach to the hall. The students have vowed that they would not vacate the hall.

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Palestinian keffiyeh scarf has become the rallying symbol for the protesting students and faculty members. Scores of students and faculty members were previously also detained.

The Gaza protests have swept through several of the US’ varsities. A few of the European nations are also witnessing strong protests. The UK, Ireland, and Germany have seen strong Gaza protests on streets.

The US President, Joe Biden, has condemned the protestors for seizing the Hamilton Hall. Biden asserted that the protestors are not showing signs of peaceful protests.

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Besides, Israel sympathisers are claiming that Jew students were held captives in the Hamilton Hall. They are also accusing that the protestors are promoting hate against Israel and jews.

Also, the US’ varsities are in bind over the students’ protests. They claim to protect the rights of free speech. Some of the states in the US have laws to protect the free speech.

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