China under siege: People fight pitched battles with Hazmat-army

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By Manish Anand

New Delhi, November 30: Protests in China continue unabated, as people fought pitched battles against the security personnel and the Hazmat-army in several provinces. Despite massive crackdown against students on university campuses, there were no signs of normalcy returning in the Communist country.

Street battles broke out among the protestors and the security personnel in Guangzou, which is one of the largest industrial bases of China. Multiple videos doing the rounds on the internet showed that the people were undeterred by the unprecedented crackdown ordered against them by Chinese President Xi Jinping. The protestors threw bottles on the security personnel and also the PPE (Hazmat) army.

The security personnel sought to break the morale of the protestors by summarily beating them on the streets in big Chinese cities such as Shanghai. But the protestors held their grounds on the streets, and pushed the security personnel. The protestors continued with their blank sheet protests, calling for multi-party democracy. Clashes also broke out in Shanghai. The multiple reports showed that the protest is popular and spread all across China with the participation of the cross-section of the Chinese society, including students, labourers, farmers and political dissidents. The security personnmel also brought out tanks on the streets to instill fear among the protestors, but there were no impact on the protesting people, showed multiple videos emerging out of China.

The Chinese authorities sought to purge the internet of all evidences of protests by deep-cleaning the mobile phones at the subways in various cities, where the security personnel also insisted on checking the identity cards of the people. Even though the Chinese authorities are seeking to purge the internet of all the pictures and videos of the protests, they continue to make their ways to the global audience, fueling massive protests in several cities all across the world with the people raising slogans in front of the Chinese consulates.

The people in China are adopting novel ways to show their solidarity with the protestors. The commuters honk to show support to the protests against the Xi regime. There were suggestions that the Chinese authorities sought to curb the incidents of the people honking from their cars, but were of no avails. With clear message emerging that the popular protest in China is not solely confined to the brutal ‘Zero Covid Policy’ but to the overall collapse of the economy coupled with the agrarian distress making the people risk their lives to demand the ouster of Xi, who in September Communist Party Congress usurped the third term in power by purging all possible contenders for the top office.

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