China shock to world economy; Decoding Ukraine War; Violent Andhra politics

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China shock to world economy

Since the advent of Xi Jinping, China has proved to be a net negative for the world, China has not only been a nuisance to neighbouring countries, but has wreaked havoc to the global economy by playing mischief with its export of the Covid-19 pandemic. Now, the global economy has been wrecked again with the supply chains straining because of China’s tsunami virus outbreak.

The Economic Times in an Editorial has weighed the gloomy prospects of the strain on the global supply chain. The daily noted that the PLI scheme of the government to help ‘Atmanirbharta’ has not actually worked. It may be noted that only 25 per cent of the approved companies actually began works on the PLI schemes. The business daily has also warned that the Covid upsurge will cause labour shortage and there will be pressure on commodities. China is India’s top source for imports, with the industrial intermediaries dominating the goods imported.

Also, the growth of the Indian economy has been hit on the back of the slackening of exports, moderation in consumption and high inflation. None of these factors are going away anytime soon. India had time to scale up capacity, but the pace of response was tepid that even after three years of the pandemic outbreak the Indian economy remains embedded to China. ‘Make in India, Make for World’ remained a lofty slogan.

Decoding Ukraine War

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in his maiden visit to the US after the Russian invasion in his country has sought the American assistance for reconstruction. The US will be supplying the Patriot air defence system, while committing $1.85 billion in additional assistance.

The Times of India and The Hindu in their respective Editorials have argued the case for talks between Kyiv and Moscow. Russia is also scaling up its military strength by 30 per cent. Soon, Russia and Ukraine will complete one year of war. The US has also extended $54 billion of military assistance to Ukraine, added The Hindu. Hardening of stances has been the telling tale of Russia-Ukraine War.

Both the dailies have struck similar tone in calling for talks to end the war. The Chennai-based daily said that the military solution is not possible. But the US and Europe have not taken serious steps to persuade Russia against the war. Ukraine now has an upper hand in the war, and Zelenskyy is now more aggressive. The war will be stretched.

Violent Andhra politics

The Assembly elections in Andhra Pradesh will be held in 2024, but the state has begun warming up with violence on the street. The New Indian Express in an Editorial has said that the politics in Andhra Pradesh has become vicious after the Macherla violence between the workers of the ruling YSR Congress and the Telugu Desam Party (TDP).

The Madurai-based daily has warned that the violence could be a norm in the coming days, as parties begin bracing up for the elections. The daily has blamed the leadership of both the parties for the toxic political atmosphere. The two parties patronize criminals, while use choicest expletives against each other, added the daily. There’s no denying the fact that the nexus of criminals and moneybags in the Andhra Pradesh politics has turned the state into a laggard on the social and economic indicators.  

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