China shields terrorists; Merging NEET-JEE; Uncapping air ticket pricing

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China is foreign to moral values; if not by its people, then definitely by the ruling Communist party.

The Chinese nationals have paid with their lives in terror attacks in Pakistan, yet Beijing blocked the efforts of the global community to designate deputy leader of Jaish-e-Mohammed Abdul Rauf Azhar.

Consistent acts of China to shield Pakistan-based terrorists from international action makes Beijing unworthy of being the permanent member of the United Nations Security Council.

The Pioneer and The Hindu have come out strongly against the Chinse action in their editorials. Both the dailies have urged upon India to not lose faith, and continue its pursuit of designating terrorists.

TH in its Edit ‘No holds barred’ commented “by choosing to place a “technical hold” on the joint India-U.S. proposal to designate Jaish-e-Mohammad deputy chief Rauf Asghar a global terrorist on the United Nations Security Council 1267 Committee listing, China has swung another blow to its ties with India, which are already at a fragile point”.

The daily reminded that “despite 16 rounds of military commander talks at the Line of Actual Control, India and China have failed to resolve the standoff that began with the PLA amassing troops, and transgressions along the LAC in April 2020”.

China had two months ago also blocked the designation of Lashkar-e-Taiba deputy chief Abdul Rahman Makki.

Asghar is wanted for his role in freeing his brother Masood Azhar by organising the hijack of Indian Airlines flight IC-814, and holding nearly 200 civilians hostage on the Kandahar tarmac, and other attacks, added the Chennai-headquartered daily.

TP in a hard-hitting editorial charged that China had been shielding terrorists for over a decade, becoming a shield to Pakistan-based terrorists.

Quoting American historian Michael A Ledeen, TP argued that China has emerged as a mature fascist state.

“From brazenly and deliberately spreading the novel corona virus all over the world to launching a bloody attack on the Indian soldiers in the Galwan in Ladakh in June 2020 to terrorizing Taiwan to intimidate other nations in the vicinity to ensuring poor nations across continents into a debt trap by means of its Belt and Road Initiative to carrying out genocide of religious and ethnic minorities to defending Jihadi terrorists – there is no crime or sin that the Chinese Communist Party is not capable of,” stated TP in its most scathing attack on China.

Merging NEET-JEE  

The Times of India has carried a lead editorial on the higher education regulator in the country working on the proposal of integrating engineering and medical entrance examinations.

Preparing for engineering and medical entrance examinations has over the decades turned into a multi-billion USD business in the country, with there being at least two unicorns, who are valued one billion USD or above in the sphere.

The daily cites the example of South Korea which has five lakh applicants against such entrance examinations in contrast to India’s 43 lakh. South Korea holds examinations in a single day during the course of five sessions.

Ironically, all examinations in India promote coaching industry to exclude financially weaker meritorious students, while regulators remain inelastic to the needs of innovations.

Least that the regulator can know is to admit that at the stage of class they just need to check aptitude and can learn from the example of tests of the Indian Institute of Managements in the country.

Uncapping air ticket pricing

The government has lifted the price caps on the tickets of the airlines, which was imposed in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Indian Express in an editorial called upon the government to desist from interfering in the micro-management of the businesses.

The daily stated that India now has a new airlines ventures Akasa, launched by the billionaire stock market investor Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, while Air India has also gone into the safe and nurturing hands of the Tatas. Besides, Jet Airways is also bracing to fly again.

The government has brought in seven price bands that ranged from Rs 2600 for flights under 40-minute to Rs 8700 for flights over three hours.

Yet, it’s not probed by the daily to the fate of the claims of the government that even hawai-chappal wearing men can board flights given that the flight tickets have gone over the roofs.

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