China patronizes terror; Blackhole PM-CARES Fund; Ankita Bhandari murdered

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China patronizes terror

China knows no human rights, and thus Beijing has no shame in blocking resolutions calling for designation of global terrorists.

The Economic Times in its Editorial lauded India calling out China at the United Nations General Assembly supporting terrorists and their patrons.

China’s duplicity stands exposed after Beijing acted as Pakistan’s puppet at the UN in blocking the US and India backed anti-terrorism resolutions.

Sajid Mir is the mastermind of the 26/11 Mumbai terror attack, and China used its third veto to block his branding as a global terrorist.

The ET has asked the world community to learn from the Russian invasion of Ukraine, saying “eternal vigilance is the price for open societies and democracies”. Indeed, taking eyes off has a cost, noted the daily.

China is hardly a responsible nation to justify being a permanent member of the UN Security Council, for Beijing has shunned its responsibility to counter terrorism while also being a habitual offender in violating the international rules of law and the UN Charter with transgressions of the borders of the neighbours.

That indeed calls for the reconstitution of the UNSC, which otherwise remains a club of 1945.

Blackhole PM-CARES Fund

Critics have often lashed out at the PM-CARES Fund for lack of transparency, and the government has not been forthcoming to share details of ways funds collected from the people are spent.

Deccan Herald in a strong Editorial has called PM-CARES fund a financial blackhole. The Bengaluru-headquartered daily has questioned the selection of Ratan Tata, Justice KT Thomas, Kariya Munda, former BJP MP as trustees.

“The purported aim of the Fund was to deal with emergencies or distress situations such as the Covid pandemic. But there is no clarity on why it was created when the statutorily created Prime Minister’s Relief Fund existed for that purpose. The Prime Minister has been the Chairperson of the Fund and senior cabinet ministers its trustees, it is run out of the PMO, it uses government infrastructure and sports the national emblem, yet the government has refused to subject it to RTI queries or to a CAG audit,” the daily commented.

Truly, the government has not been able to offer a single argument for exempting the Fund from the public scrutiny. If it’s run with people’s money, then they have all the right to know how each penny is spent.

Ankita Bhandari murdered

Politicians and their children are seen to treat rule of law with contempt, and the sensational murder of Ankita Bhandari is numbing to say the least.

The Pioneer in its Editorial has slammed the BJP-led Uttarakhand government for being callous. The Noida-based daily has cited reports to state that the young girl was being forced into prostitution by Pulkit Arya, who is son of the BJP leader Vinod Arya.

Such leaders sport the party flags on their vehicles to run over the rules of law in their areas, and yet their political masters don’t crack whip on them, and the police remain as ever a baby doll on the street.

Delays in investigations, discovery of body and widespread anger of the people indeed point to a lackluster response of the Pushkar Singh Dhami government. Dhami surely is a big disappointment as the Chief Minister, for he has failed a young girl, who wanted to be financially independent.

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