Bad Optics; Dollar Den; Women Winners

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Bad Optics

Frivolous most often rules the day in the country, and The Asian Age has said that the Opposition boycott of the new parliament is simply bad optics, being totally disconnected with practical democracy. The daily opined that the question ‘who should inaugurate the new parliament’ is theoretical, and both the sides, demanding President to cut the ribbon and those supporting the prime minister doing the honour, are correct.

The daily argued that the democracy’s guiding principle is ‘we the people…’, and the masses would take part in the celebrations of the inauguration, as they had done when Jawaharlal Nehru rose to make the ‘tryst with destiny’ speech, while Mahatma Gandhi stayed away to douse the flames of communal fury. The newspaper reminded that the prime minister is the leader of the parliament, and thus his participation should be seen in terms of the institution of the office.

The editorial is well reasoned, but the divisive discourse over the issue of the inauguration of the new parliament is also on account of the ruling dispensation casting away the Opposition. Yet, it’s up to the Opposition to not play to the gallery, and associate with a historical moment.     

Dollar Den

Dollar rules the world because the world believes that the US always pays the bill, but The Economic Times in its Editorial has warned that the debt ceiling deal may involve fiscal rollback, which could deepen the recessionary situation. The daily stated that it would be the 79th occasion since 1965 that the debt ceiling would be raised, while the Republicans want it be capped at 2022 level for a decade.

The deadline to avoid the default is June 1, and the business daily also reflected on the dominance of dollar in the world, as foreign governments and private investments hold 31 per cent of the US treasury bills, dollar accounts for 58 per cent of all foreign exchanges of all the central banks and 88 per cent of global trade takes places in the greenback.

De-dollarisation is an aspiration of the countries which lament the Uncle Sam. The rise of blocks to promote alternative currencies has not yet dented dollar. Even Russia wants dollar for its exports.     

Women Winners

The Pioneer has celebrated the feats of women in bagging the top four positions in the UPSC examination, noting “there’s considerable vibrancy and vitality in the society, which propels the rise of people, both men and women, by sheer intelligence, diligence and determination.

Women constitute one-third of the successful candidates, stated the Noida-based daily, which also hailed the UPSC for its professional functioning. A head constable from Delhi Police too got a rank in the result, said the daily, adding that people from all sections have seen fulfilment of their aspirations.

We may celebrate gender inclusion in a few areas, but the fact remains that women are mostly excluded from legislatures where they aren’t more than 13 per cent, and they need to be there to frame laws for their true empowerment.     

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