Ashok Gehlot turns livewire; Decoding Jaishankar; Take a bow, Ajinkya Rahane

Ashok Gehlot, S jaishankar, Ajinkya Rahane

Ashok Gehlot, S jaishankar, Ajinkya Rahane

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Ashok Gehlot turns livewire

Congress may have willingly wrapped the Ashok Gehlot livewire in Rajasthan around its neck. Even a beginner in political journalism would have told Sonia Gandhi that propping up Sachin Pilot would rock party’s boat in Rajasthan, for he’s a red rag to Gehlot.

Congress’ royal mess has widely been commented by newspapers.

The Indian Express in its Editorial has gone to the extent of calling Congress deaf, saying its ear to ground listens nothing. The Jaipur drama has left Congress leadership ineffectual, diminished and clueless, added the Noida-headquartered daily.

The Times of India said that Congress is in a bigger soup, noting that embarrassment for the Gandhis this time is too bad.

The daily rewinds Pilot’s reckless rebellion of 2020, calling Gehlot’s action straight from textbook indiscipline.

“The mismanagement in Rajasthan is similar to the mishandling in Punjab,” Bengaluru-headquartered Deccan Herald commented.

The Pioneer in it Editorial asked: “How could Rahul Gandhi unite the nation or the Opposition if he cannot unite his own leaders.”

Congress’ next choice for non-Gandhi president is now Kaman Nath, a rusted and tired lost-era politician. Since Congress is a leadership driven party, lacking in structures, Gandhis would better be adviced to call truce with Gehlot.

Decoding Jaishankar

On the sweating evening in 2019, S Jaishankar sat in the forecourt of the Rashtrapati Bhavan, waiting for his searing-in, while Sushma Swaraj sat in the front row to clap the new Narendra Modi ministers, and the audience was stunned at the scale of the brazen decision of the Prime Minister.

In three years, Jaishankar has not only got India hooked to him, but also the global diplomatic community, for he by all accounts is articulating the post-pandemic world order to his growing global audience.

The Hindu in its Editorial has sought to make a sense of Jaishankar’s speech at the United Nations General Assembly where he represented Modi.

Unlike the lesser mortals such as Shehbaz Sharif, who would remain for his life a pet of his Rawalpindi bosses, singing Kashmir tune at every forum, Jaishankar had his eyes on a much larger canvas, as the Chennai-headquartered daily said that India is ready to take bigger responsibility.

The daily referred to Jaishankar’s speech wherein he said that “India is ready to take on enhanced responsibility at the global body, while calling for a reformed UN with an expanded Security Council, as a means at righting the injustice done to the global south”.

The daily inserted within the commentary the need for India to check divisive elements within the country.

Take a bow, Ajinkya Rahane

Leaders who follow crowds are essentially thugs. History salutes those who force crowds to think differently.

Ajinkya Rahane asked his teammate to leave the field for seven overs during a domestic match as a punishment for excessive sledging. This is a stunning revelation of leadership skills.

Indian cricket until the arrival of Saurav Ganguly was focused on its game and skills, for the players were too busy in cricketing meditation to bare their thick harvest of hair on chest for the television.

Indian cricketers sought to copy the Australians and the English to sledge hard on the field, and only made ugly spectacles.

Rahane has been lauded by The Times of India in its Editorial ‘Good call, Captain’. Yashasvi Jaiswal sent off the field would focus more on his game, while the daily reminded that “under the leadership of Rahane India had scripted one of the greatest comebacks in a Test series, against Austrailia in 2020-21”.

But why is Rahane not the captain of the India cricket team!

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