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Arvind Path

The Asian Age has said in its Editorial that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is playing a game with Opposition leaders akin to simultaneous chess players by greats against several challengers at the same time. The daily has said that the spotlight is now on Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal after a number of Opposition leaders faced the heat of the investigative agencies.

The daily has also said that Kejriwal is one of “the most alarmingly rising Opposition leaders”. His Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has now gained the national party status. If he is arrested, added the daily, Kejriwal would have to resign, as a “tough game” unfolds.

The paradox, however, is that a party which abused any and everybody on corruption is now itself facing graft charges. With two ministers already in jail, the AAP may have to demonstrate genuineness of alternative politics, as evidently the outfit looks just another brick on the wall.

Law & Order

The Hindu has called for an independent probe in the killing of gangster-turned-politician Atiq Ahmed and his brother Ashraf Ahmed. The daily has also stated that the cold-blooded murder of Ahmed brothers in the police custody point to “abject lawlessness” in Uttar Pradesh.

Yet, the Chennai-based daily also stated that in life and death “Atiq Ahmed typified the collapse of law and order, while reminding that the Supreme Court had trashed his plea that he could be killed in fake encounter in UP. The daily underlined that due process is central to the rule of law and its collapse only means chaos.

Those who have seen Bihar and UP in 1990s and the first decade of this millennia know that rule of law is just another ornamental decoration of the statue book. Street urchins and murderers like Atiq Ahmed, Mohammed Shahabuddin and several of their tribe gained places in the Lok Sabha and Assemblies. Manoj Vajpayee’s question in the film Shool to the Assembly members, “how did this criminal come in your midst” is still unanswered.

Dinner Table

The Economic Times has called for making climate action personal, invoking the words of Prime Minister Narendra Modi of taking the fight against climate change to the dinner table. The daily quoted the report of International Energy Agency which stated that the 75 individual actions if adopted by the people could cut down carbon emission by two billion tonnes by 2030.

The business daily stated that India’s Mission LiFE provides a blueprint to help the people become the change agents. It also called for enlisting the people’s support for climate mitigation efforts.

The people in Indore have shown that by adopting to the municipal drill of waste segregation at home they could eliminate a garbage mountain at a landfill site which is now abutted by shopping centre and office complex. Delinquencies such as burning leaves in parks and garbage on roadside can be stopped by the people only.

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