8 billion world; DMK, mind your thuggish politics: Return of Trump

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8 billion world

The World population has turned eight billion. The global population has doubled in the last six decades. But now the occasion may not warrant lament.

The Times of India in its Editorial bring facts now well known that the demographic spurt has lost the steam. Europe is greying. East Asia is greying. Fertility rate in India is now below the replacement level. The daily stated that the population in India is growing only because of earlier momentum.

The daily further noted that globally the working population (16-64 years) peaked at 66 per cent in 2012, which is currently said to be 70 per cent for India, while being in the middle of the demographic leap. But only 46 per cent of the working population is in the labour force, way below 59 per cent for the world.

There is a 30-year rule for demographic dividends for the economy – push sends growth higher as in China followed by decades of slump, again as Beijing is now facing. India has a clear challenge not to follow China path and replicate the US model of a knowledge-based economy with above competition products for the global markets.

DMK, mind your thuggish politics

The ruling DMK in Tamil Nadu competes with political lampoons in practicing regressive politics. This party has also infected its alliance partner Congress with moral and ideological bankruptcy. Freeing of the killers of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi has exposed the dangerous political path of DMK, underlined The Pioneer in its Editorial.

The Noida-based daily stated that RP Ravichandran, one of the killers of late Rajiv Gandhi, who is now free thanks to DMK, has been calling upon the people of “North India to treat him as a victim and not as a terrorist”. The daily reminded that along with late Rajiv Gandhi 15 Tamils had also met with violent deaths in the LTTE-ordered assassination. The people of Tamil Nadu are always nationalist, and they had routed the “pro-LTTE” DMK in the Assembly elections held a few months later.

The Pioneer reminded that when one of the assassins AG Perarivalan was released Tamil Nadu CM MK Stalin had felicitated him. This cannot be less heinous than the felicitation of the rapists of Bilkis Bano in Gujarat. Indeed, Congress should reflect that being a national party it is carrying an alliance with a party in Tamil Nadu which is celebrating the release of the killers of late Rajiv Gandhi.   

Return of Trump

Former US President Donald Trump would be running for the 2024 Presidential election. He has unfazed with not so inspiring performance of the Republicans in the US Midterms. Trump had shocked after rejecting the election outcome which had voted him out, while he was accused of instigating violent attack on the White House. He had also led the US to walk out of the Paris Accord on Climate Action.

The Hindu in its Editorial has noted that Trump is no more strong as he had been, as the Democrats have retained control over Senate. The Chennai-based daily further stated that several of the candidates supported by Trump lost the Midterm elections. That was despite the people being hit by the high inflation.  

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2 thoughts on “8 billion world; DMK, mind your thuggish politics: Return of Trump

  1. These are unprecedented and shocking times for several reasons. A report had predicted that India will be more populous than China in the year 2023 and I unfortunately believe that the prediction may materialize.

    The return of Trump is truly alarming as well though I’m confident that the citizens and the political leaders of the USA will not be fazed by his tactics.

    Excellent read, thankyou!

  2. Coverage with details on population of the world crossing 8 Billion although majority is greying.
    – India population showing growth but labour percentage below rest of the world is alarming.
    DMK’s politics / agenda is an example of morale less cheap level politics & future of our society driven by leadership.
    Return of Trump to lead USA in 2024 may not be easy under global recession, his reaction after losing elections and agenda for future.

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