3D experience at Defence Expo as India braces to share military might

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By Our Special Correspondent

New Delhi, October 14: At a time when defence goods exports is saving the US economy from a certain recession, India would showcase coming of age and technology-enabled weaponry at the 12th edition of DefExpo, which is stated to be Asia’s largest. The event is also taking place at a time when the US has released its strategic paper listing China as a rival, which may brighten chances for technology transfer with India in the defence sector.

Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) will display a wide range of 430 products encompassing the strategic and tactical weapon systems, defence equipment and technologies. The major theme for this year’s DRDO participation is based on 3D (DRDO, Designed and Developed) ecosphere which will highlight its strong linkages with both Industry as well as academia.

The public sector defence and research organisations in the recent years have scaled up their partnership with the private sector, including the startups, which will be showcased at the DefExpo2022. “The DRDO will showcase advancements in technologies made by its laboratories as well as its partnerships with the industry,” said the DRDO on Friday.

The participants at the DefExpo2022 will get the chances to see a range of indigenously designed, developed, prototyped, and produced land, naval, aero and homeland security systems and technologies. DRDO, incidentally, has laid focus on initiatives such as ‘Technology Development Fund’, ‘Dare to Dream’, ‘DIA-Centres of Excellence and other similar schemes to support academia, Start-ups, MSMEs’.

The DRDO-led initiatives have led to operational readiness of many Indian industries, especially in the areas of systems, radars, sonars, missiles, aircrafts, etc., some of which will be displayed at the DRDO Pavilion, DefExpo22.

“At DefExp2022, DRDO will provide numerous static displays, live demonstrations, seminars as well as immersive experience zones spread across three locations, including the Mahatma Mandir Convention & Exhibition Centre, Helipad Exhibition Centre, and Sabarmati River Front,” added the DRDO.

On display would be DRDO’s showpiece products in areas of engines and propulsion, aerospace and aeronautics (UAVs, fighter aircrafts, aircraft for surveillance, etc.), sensors, devices and advanced electronics, naval weapons and systems, armoured vehicles and land systems, guns & ammunition, Missiles (Cruise, MBRLs, AAM, ATGM & MRSAM), BrahMos.

“In a first, Advanced Combat Aircraft (AMCA) simulator will also be made available to experience, among other augmented and virtual reality Naval, Land and Air product simulators. A holographic deck providing a 3D experience of over 30 defence products will be present at the hall to gain insights into the intricacies of weapon designs,” added the DRDO.

Also, border surveillance system (BOSS), Laser Fence System (LFS), IRDE Tableau, BrahMos Air Version Missile, Mobile Autonomous Launcher (MAL) for BrahMos, CBRN Water Purification System, Infantry Combat Vehicle with Composite Hull (CICV), Advanced Composites Modular Bridge System (ACMBS) among others would be the attractions at DefExpo2022.

India Pavilion in the Helipad Exhibition Centre will be displaying a combined strength of DRDO along with public and private sectors. DRDO will put its 22 products on static display, including VIBHAV-Anti Tank Point Attack Munition, VISHAL-Anti Tank Bar Mine, PRACHAND-Anti Tank, 9 x 19 mm Machine Pistol- ASMI, Mine Field marking Equipment Mk II, Light Tank, Daksh Defuser, MBT Arjun Mk-1A, Light Machine Gun, Pralay, QRSAM, Carbine- 5.56x 45 mm, AIP System- Air Independent Propulsion, TAPAS, ASTRA Mk-I, LCA Mk2 amongst others.

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