Coup against Xi Jinping: World in disbelief

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By Our Special Correspondent

New Delhi, September 24: The US-based human rights activist Jennifer Zeng torched a razing fire on internet about coup against the Chinese President Xi Jinping, but the experts remain in disbelief, for China for the observers is an information drought stricken country.

“While there might be opposition to Xi’s attempts to become dictator-in-chief of China for the rest of his life, he has ensured that none of them are really powerful enough to oust him at the party congress next month,” Ramananda Sengupta, a foreign affairs commentator, told The Raisina Hills.

Sengupta struck a contrarian stance, arguing that “I suspect this is just a show of strength, and the rumours about there being a coup are just that: rumours”.

The Communist regime will host its Congress next month in which Xi would seek further assertion of his leadership even while he is facing the international heat for backing Russia in war against Ukraine.

“Even Jennifer Zeng, the Chinese-born human rights activist, who started the rumour based on what she says was a conversation with a Chinese admiral, has retracted her statement. The videos of a military convoy apparently headed for Beijing are old, and reports of Beijing airport being shut down might be true, but that could be for a lot or reasons, perhaps even to stop the people who started the rumours from fleeing,” added Sengupta.

Xi has launched a series of crackdown against dissenters in China, serving suspended death sentences to dissidents. The China watchers are expecting a renewed crackdown against dissenters in line with Xi’s relentless purging of critics.

Sun Lijun, former vice minister of public security, was handed over a suspended death sentence, with his fate now taking him for a life-long jail term. Xi-bashers have interpreted Sun’s sentencing as a crackdown against an organized political group, who are purportedly enjoying the blessings of the Communist veterans.

Xi’s focus to purge the critics within the Communist party could also be seen from the fact that he stepped out of China only for attending the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) Summit in Samarkand in the last 2.5 years since the outbreak of the Covid-19.

Another Chinese observer Gordon G. Chang claimed that the “lack of news from China over the last few hours suggests coup rumours are untrue, but whatever happened inside the Chinese military during the last three days – evidently something unusual happened – tells us there is turbulence inside the senior CCP leadership”.

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